Ferling, Franz: Double Oboe Concerto in F major [Study Edition] (AE376/SE) – sheet music


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Ferling, Franz (1796-1874)

Product Code: AE376/SE
Description: Double Oboe Concerto in F major [Study Edition]
Edited by: Dwight Manning
Year of Publication: 2001
Instrumentation: 2ob pr; pfte
Binding: Piano Reduction: Stapled / Parts: Unbound
Duration: 23 min(s)
Key: F major
ISBN: 1-877231-71-1
Solo Instrument(s): 2 Oboes


This edition of Ferling's Concerto for Two Oboes, Op. 14 is based on the only known manuscript which is catalogued as no. 1786 in the Strahov Collection. The Strahov Library (Strahovsk ndvor) is part of the National Literature Memorial in Prague, Czech Republic. The basis of the present National Literature Memorial was established from the library of the Strahov Monastery, founded in the 12th century by the Praemonstratensian Order and dissolved in 1950. The manuscript consists of a set of contemporary performaning parts; no original score is known to exist. The title page reads: "Concerto/pour/deus Hautbois/avec ccompagnement/de grand Orchestre/par/W. Ferling/Prmier Hautbois de la Chapelle/de le Duc de Bronsvic/Oeuv. 14./Proprit de l'Editeur/Bronsvic chez G. M. Meyer jr." Brackets in the score enclose emendations of dynamics, trills, and tutti or solo indications. Throughout the edition, accidentals and articulations are made consistent with those appearing abundantly, yet often inaccurately, in the manuscript. Some articulation marks have been added where their presence is indicated either in other parts or in parallel passages. Obvious wrong notes have been corrected without comment. Performance practice recommends lightly articulating beginnings of trills under slurs. Dwight Manning

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