Kraus, Joseph Martin: Concerto for Viola and Violoncello in G major (VB 151a) (AE598) – sheet music


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Kraus, Joseph Martin (1756-1792)

Product Code: AE598
Description: Concerto for Viola and Violoncello in G major (VB 151a)
Edited by: Bertil van Boer
Year of Publication: 2022
Instrumentation: Va pr Vc pr; 2fl 2cor 2vn va vc b
Binding: Score: Perfect / Parts: Unbound
Duration: 24 min(s)
Key: G major
ISBN: 978-988-8708-48-2 (print)
978-988-8708-49-9 (digital)
ISMN: 979-0-805700-61-8
Solo instrument(s): Viola & Cello

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The Concerto for Viola and Violoncello in G major represents another of the broad definitions of solo instruments in combination, this time a solo viola and solo violoncello. It is not easy to define this work in G major, as the Breitkopf catalogue lists it simply as a viola concerto. But throughout the work the cello itself functions as a primus inter pares with the viola, and therefore it cannot simply be dismissed as an ancillary obbligato. It is to be designated here as a double concerto or, more appropriately given the lengthy orchestral ritornellos, as a sinfonia concertante. This duo concerto contains some of the most challenging and idiomatic writing of the Classical period for both instruments, and its recovery from a misattribution means another rare addition to the sinfonia concertante repertory for these middle-range instruments.

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