Introducing the sheet music of Joseph Bologne de Saint-Georges’ Six Concertante Quartets, now released on a vibrant new recording by the Arabella Quartet.




Arabella Quartet

A truly international quartet, made up of members from Denmark, Australia, Italy and France, each with impressive solo careers, the Arabella Quartet has made a name for itself as a creative and virtuosic ensemble.

“The Arabella Quartet digging deep to produce performances of great intensity and poise.” – The Strad Magazine



Joseph Bologne de Saint-Georges

A brilliant swordsman, athlete, violin virtuoso and composer, Joseph Bologne, Chevalier de Saint-Georges might well lay claim to being the most talented figure in an age of remarkable individuals.

The string quartet was still in its infancy in France in the 1770s, but while these pieces are small in scale they are exceptionally rewarding.

Bologne de Saint-Georges appreciated the intimate nature of this genre, avoiding overt soloistic virtuosity and exploring chamber music timbres, amply demonstrating his rich lyrical gifts and a natural ability to delight performers and audiences alike.

Read our biography of Joseph Bologne de Saint-Georges and explore our catalogue of sheet music.



The CD

Bologne de Saint-Georges: New Recording of the Six Concertante Quartets

The new Naxos CD is online to buy and stream from early May 2022.

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Sheet Music

Sheet music preview of the Six Concertante Quartets by Joseph Bologne de Saint-Georges

Artaria Editions publishes the Allan Badley edition of the Concertante Quartets, based on the Paris, Arsenal M438 7a source.

View the Sheet Music of Saint-Georges, Joseph Bologne de: Six Concertante Quartets (AE431).