Beck, Franz: Symphonies Vol. 2: Six Symphonies, Op. 2 (=AE189-194) (AEB2) – sheet music


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Beck, Franz (1734-1809)

Product Code: AEB2
Description: Symphonies Vol. 2: Six Symphonies, Op. 2 (=AE189-194)
Edited by: Allan Badley
Year of Publication: 1998
Binding: Score: Perfect Bound
ISBN: 1-877231-88-6


Franz Beck (1734-1809), the most talented of Johann Stamitz's pupils, led a colourful and eventful life. Fleeing Mannheim after fighting a duel with a jealous rival, he moved to Venice. After eloping with his patron's daughter, he finally ended up in France where he lived for nearly fifty years. Beck's symphonies have long been admired by scholars for their technical resource, startling use of bold harmonies and dramatic intensity. Dating from the mid-1750s, the Op.2 symphonies are small in scale but very impressive in effect, ideal works for chamber orchestras ensembles in search of fresh and exciting repertoire.

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