Bisgaard, Lars Aksel : Barcarole (GPC005) [PDF Download] – sheet music


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Bisgaard, Lars Aksel (1947-)

Product Code: GPC005
Description: Barcarole
Year of Composition: 2015
Instrumentation: Solo piano
Duration: 3 min(s)
Key: E Major

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Bisgaard started to compose Barcarole (1986–87), at a happy time in his life; the piece is dedicated to the singer Suzanne Nielsen as a birthday greeting. ‘Barcarole’ means ‘boating song’ (from the Italian barca, ‘boat’) and is a piece in peacefully flowing tempo, with the melody in the right hand; the left hand accompanies with triplet figures. Stylistically the piece is close to a Romantic barcarole, for example those of Mendelssohn (the four Venetianische Gondellieder in his Lieder ohne Worte) and—in monumental form—Chopin’s Barcarole, Op. 60 (1846).


Contemporary Danish Piano Music CD

Barcarole by Lars Aksel Bisgaard was released on the Grand Piano CD of contemporary Danish piano music performed by Carl Petersson.

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