Hofmann, Leopold: Symphony in B flat major (Badley Bb1) (AE024) – sheet music


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Hofmann, Leopold (1738-1793)

Product Code: AE024
Description: Symphony in B flat major (Badley Bb1)
Edited by: Allan Badley
Year of Publication: 1995
Instrumentation: 2ob 2vn va vc/b
Binding: Score: Spiral / Parts: Unbound
Duration: 9 min(s)
Key: B flat major
ISBN: 1-877170-24-0
Option(s): Score (Hardcopy): $32.00
Score + CD (Hardcopy): $42.00
Score (PDF): $24.00
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Leopold Hofmann (1738-1793) was regarded by his contemporaries as one of the most gifted and influential composers of his generation. Although a church musician by profession, Hofmann was also an important and prolific composer of instrumental music and was a major contributor to the early development of the Viennese symphony. Among his most significant and original innovations was the use of a slow introduction to the first movement. Hofmanns musical language is an attractive amalgam of Viennese, North Italian and Mannheim elements and although stylistically and structurally reminiscent of the youthful works of Haydn, it is often closer in spirit to Mozarts in its transparency and Italianate grace. Allan Badley

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