Hofmann, Leopold: Three Flute Duos, (Badley I:D1, I:D6, I:G1) (AE205) – sheet music


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Hofmann, Leopold (1738-1793)

Product Code: AE205
Description: Three Flute Duos, (Badley I:D1, I:D6, I:G1)
Edited by: Allan Badley
Year of Publication: 1998
Instrumentation: 2fl
Binding: Score: Stapled / Parts: Unbound
Duration: 36 min(s)
ISBN: 1-877230-05-7


A near contemporary and rival of Haydn, Leopold Hofmann was held in the highest regard in his native Vienna where he served as Kapellmeister at St Stephens Cathedral, a position to which Mozart might have succeeded had he lived. Hofmann was a prolific composer of instrumental music and he wrote a good deal of chamber music although much of it has been lost. Hofmanns chamber music output includes a large amount of music for flute. Among these works are14 flute duos, of which only three works with reasonable claim to authenticity survive. If the Breitkopf Catalogue datings are reasonably accurate we can deduce that the flute duos were composed during the years ca 1767 - 1772, a period which also saw the composition of the majority of Hofmanns flute concertos. Although these beautifully composed duos were doubtless intended for the insatiable amateur music market they may also have functioned as instructional pieces.

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