Lars Aksel Bisgaard: Walking – for piano and string orchestra (GPC071) – sheet music


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Bisgaard, Lars Aksel (1947-)

Product Code: GPC071
Description: Walking – Hommage à Thoreau
Year of Composition: 2014
Solo piano and orchestra: Piano
Duration: 5 mins


Walking, with the subtitle Hommage à Thoreau, was written in 2014. The piece is based on some youth sketches from 1984, and is inspired by the American author Henry David Thoreau (1817–62) and his essay Walking from 1862.

The simple main theme, which uses the available notes corresponding to the letters in Thoreau’s name (B [=H] – E – D – A), gradually ‘wander’ further and further away from the starting point, and in the end come back again—like any good walking tour.

Walking is dedicated to Carl Petersson with great gratitude and respect for his formidable musicianship.

Score Preview