Clementi, Muzio: Complete Capriccios (AE566) – sheet music


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Clementi, Muzio (1791-1857)

Product Code: AE566
Description: Complete Capriccios 
Edited by: Jeremy Eskenazi
Year of Publication: 2019
Binding: Score: Perfect
ISBN: 978-988-8529-02-5 (print)
978-988-8529-03-2 (digital)
ISMN: 979-0-805700-02-1
Solo Instrument(s): Piano


Clementi’s most musically fascinating piano works after the sonatas and Gradus ad Parnassum are undoubtedly his Capriccios, which are scattered across his entire output and span about forty years of his fifty yearlong career. Collating these various Capriccios in a completed edition brings perspective and insight into Clementi’s evolving personality as improviser at the keyboard. In particular, the 2 Capriccios Op.47 of 1821, representative of Clementi’s late style, are large-scale, three-movement, grand-sonata-like works with substantial introductions, which challenge the very definition of the Capriccio as being typically short and free in form.

- Foreword
- Critical Commentary
- Capriccio, Op.17 (1787, revised c.1802)
- Capriccio, Op.34 No.1 (1795, revised 1804)
- Capriccio, Op.34 No.2 (1795, revised 1804)
- ‘Scena Patetica’, Exercise 39 from Gradus ad Parnassum Op.44, Book 2 (1819)
- ‘Capriccio’, Exercise 80 from Gradus ad Parnassum Op.44, Book 3 (1826)
- Capriccio, Op.47 No.1 (1821)
- Capriccio, Op.47 No.2 (1821)

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