Ries, Ferdinand: Piano Concerto No. 4 in C minor, op.115 [Study Edition] (AE478/SE) – sheet music


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Ries, Ferdinand (1784-1838)

Product Code: AE478/SE
Description: Piano Concerto No. 4 in C minor, op.115 [Study Edition]
Edited by: Allan Badley
Year of Publication: 2010
Instrumentation: 2pfte
Binding: Piano Reduction: Perfect
Duration: 26 min(s)
Key: C minor
ISBN: 1-877369-84-5
Option(s): Piano Reduction + Solo Part(s) (Hardcopy): $65.00
Piano Reduction + Solo Part(s) + CD (Hardcopy): $76.00
Piano Reduction + Solo Part(s) (PDF): $49.00
ISMN: M-67451-250-3
Solo Instrument(s): Piano

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The present edition is based on the composer's autograph score and the Birchall and Probst editions of 1823. Ries's autograph is headed Grand Concerto / for the Piano Forte / with accompaniment / for the orchestra / Composed by / Ferdinand Ries / op.115 with the date 'Bonn 1809.' The title was certainly written after 1823 and it is possible that the composition date was added at this time as well. Although the score, like most of Ries's autographs, is generally very tidy in appearance, there are numerous minor inconsistencies in the placement of dynamic markings and inconsistently applied articulations that benefit from careful editorial intervention. The Birchall edition [FOURTH / Grand Concerto / for the / Piano Forte / with accompaniments for a / FULL ORCHESTRA, / Composed & dedicated to Ignaz Moscheles / by his Friend / FERDINAND RIES, / member of the Royal Academy of Music / IN SWEDEN. / - Op.115 - / LONDON;...], which was undoubtedly prepared under Ries's supervision, clarifies the majority of the ambiguous readings and also introduces minor changes that probably reflect the experience of performing the work. All editorial changes are indicated by the use of brackets and dotted slurs. Obvious wrong notes have been corrected without comment. Ries's pedal markings have been left as they appear in the original. Allan Badley

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